Sewerby Hall and Gardens, near Bridlington


£5.30 (peak)      £4.80 (off peak)
Child (3-15 years)                          £3.50 (peak)      £3 (off peak)
Family (2 adults + 2 children) £17 (peak)           £15 (off peak)
Additional child                              £1.50 (peak)      £1 (off peak)

Opening Times:

the estate is open from dawn until dusk.
Hall: opening times are 11am until 4.30pm.
Walled gardens: 8.30am until 6pm.
Putting: the golf is open from 9.30am until 6pm with last clubs issued at 4.30pm. The putting is open from 9.30am until 5pm with last clubs issued at 4pm.
Zoo: the children’s zoo is open daily from 9.30am until 5pm.
*charges apply outside of peak times.
Hall toilets: The temporary toilets in the car park are open from 8.30am until 6pm. The hall toilets are open from 11am until 4.30pm.

click here for Directions

So that’s the ‘boring’ bit covered.

What did we do?

Family Thing arrived at the grounds about 10.15am, we parked up (in a FREE car park no less) and made our way into the grounds. Our Family Ticket was £15 as it is still off peak (for the next few weeks anyway). For this you get entrance to the Hall, Grounds, Walled Gardens, Zoo and children’s Adventure Playground for a full day. If you leave the grounds and head into Bridlington you can go back into the grounds by just showing your ticket to the people in the booths.
Our first stop was the Zoo. Small but perfectly formed. The Brothers Thing were big fans of the Capuchin Monkeys (who weren’t too enamoured with the weather and stayed in their warm shed) and the Humboldt penguins who were too busy in their sun trap sunbathing to go catch the bubbles floating across their pool. If you fancy watching the fish frenzy pop by the enclosure at 3pm when it’s feeding time. I personally didn’t realise just how many varieties of pheasant there are, and just how much prettier they are from South America than in the wilds of the Yorkshire Wolds.

handinhand sewerby

Thing 2 walked hand in hand with Mr Thing down past the llamas and towards the pygmy goats – one of which had a sort of maniacal grin that wouldn’t be lost on a Youtube video.


We then headed to the Adventure Playground. Lots of climbing, on ropes and walls. A huge basket swing was amazing fun and a roundabout (with a hint of waltzer/spinning tea cup about it). The Brothers Thing have declared the play area one of their favourite bits and are already asking to go back.

We took a wander around the Woodland Trail toward the Walled Gardens. During the summer they are just spectacular (I even remember seeing them when I was small). The boys took to the small gravelled paths around the beds in what was described as a bad tribute to a Pac Man game.


Eventually, the Hall beckoned. We were met by a lovely lady who gave the boys an Eye Spy game to play around the different rooms. They looked high and low… and still we are missing 11 white elephants from the Amy Johnson room. In the area between the gift shop and the ‘War’ room there is a small area set up for colouring in and dressing up.

Due to a last minute change in day for a our visit I didn’t get chance to sort out a picnic for us all. Around the grounds there are numerous picnic benches in numerous picturesque locations. Lots of space for the children to run off some energy.

Extra bits for the kids to do while you are there include an Adventure Pack which is available from the Entry Booths and Gift Shop for just £1. Inside there is a 10% for The Clock Tower tearooms.

Due to my lack of foresight and not taking a packed lunch we called it a day at roughly 1pm and headed over to Bridlington for some lunch.

Favourite Things:

Thing 1 loved the climbing, the monkeys and the eye spy.
Thing 2 loved everything and wants to go back – like now.
I enjoyed the peace and quiet even though the kids were in bounce mode.

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